The Ultimate Key

Now you have a real choice. Instead of the traditional key, with all of the uncertainties of who is using them and when - as well as the problems, costs and disruption caused by a lost or stolen Masterkey, the Cykey gives you the level of precise control that no mechanical solution can match.

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How Safe Are Your Keys?

We have all experienced the problems of lost or stolen keys. Imagine the peace of mind from having a clever key that only works when needed - and which can be remotely updated when required. It avoids the costs of having to change locks if mislaid - and gives precise control over access when needed.

Cykey II van SELLOX genomineerd voor de SSA Awards 2013

De Cykey II, de nieuwste serie elektronische sleutel binnen Cylock- het Access control platform is geselecteerd voor de SSA awards 2013, bij deze willen wij u als trouwe bezoeker van onze website vragen om uw stem uit te brengen. Alvast bedankt namens het commerciƫle team. Ga naar en steun ons.

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Listed below are some of the core benefits of the SELLOX solutions:

Frontpage Image Time Restricted Padlock Entry
Take control over when your important padlocks are opened and by whom, with dual access control if needed. No wiring or power is required.
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Frontpage Image Dual Key Access
Improve Health and Safety environments by ensuring controlled and fully documented entry, with easy ability to ensure two person presence.
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Frontpage Image Remote Key Management
SELLOX launches a range of new solutions to give businesses more control over entry to property at remote sites.
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Frontpage Image Contractor Control
SELLOX provides solutions to control the time restricted entry by contractors to your property. Whether local or remote, you have many choices available.
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Frontpage Image Lost Key Management
We provide ways to save the continual cost of managing lost masterkeys and replacing compromised locks.
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Access Management Solutions

We provide a wide range of advanced access control solutions, from mechanical to electronic. These include the Cylock range of clever Keys and Locks that help you control who goes where and when. We also provide advanced biometric solutions - both stand alone and wired. Just give us a call on +31 (0)85 2735569 to see how we can save you money.


Sellox CAW software

Advanced management of Cylocks has just become even more flexible with major facilities released in the latest version of the Management Platform. As a major release, SELLOX is preparing the Training Courses and Materials for those Customers that wish to take advantage of the new functionality. Take a quick look at the new features in this short tour.

Yale Lock - CyberLock


SELLOX provides Cylock, a tough, robust electronic lock system. Cylock incorporates the lock hardware and padlocks that are already present in a facility. The mechanical cylinders in existing locks just need to be replaced with Cylock electronic cylinders. This is easily done without the expensive costs of hardwiring or structural changes. For companies that need to secure their buildings and track entry to sensitive areas, Cylock provides a powerful, affordable electronic access control solution.

JCB Padlock

Each electronic key contains permissions on what locks the key can open, with a schedule of days and times it will open those locks. Each time the key opens a lock, a record is stored in both the key and the lock, providing a detailed audit report for management. Cylocks cannot be picked to gain entry and the electronic keys cannot be duplicated. Cylocks can be found controlling and monitoring access to restricted areas at remote sites, securing cabinet doors protecting network servers and equipment, or virtually anywhere a lock is present. In addition to electronic lock cylinders for doors, cabinets, and containers, SELLOX offers a full line of intelligent electronic padlocks for protecting gated areas and storage containers.

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